Where To Play

Imperial Airsoft hosts and sponsors many Military Simulations (milsim) throughout Canada.

IA is proud sponsor of Warpaint Airsoft Adventure’s, 40mins east of Calgary Alberta on highway 22x.

Airsoft games are typically held at most local Airsoft or Paintball fields.  Please check your local listings for the names of all local Airsoft and paintball business which support the sport.  

Below are national Airsoft forums which typically plan/host games. Be sure to research the terms and conditions of each forum as well as club rules.

Calgary Area

Warpaint Airsoft Adventures: http://warpaintadventures.webs.com/

Weekend Warriors:http://www.weekendwarriors.ab.ca/


Capture The Flag: http://www.capturetheflag.com/

Edmonton Area

 Quest For Adventure: http://questforadventure.ca