How much is Shipping?
Shipping will vary on product weight and the destination of the order. All orders over $500.00 CAD will qualify for free shipping. For an exact shipping quote please email [email protected]

What shipping courier do you use?
All of our Regular shipping orders are shipped through Canada Post. This guarantees orders within 7 business days. We also offer faster services like Expedited Parcel, and Priority courier, also through Canada Post, for an extra cost. Please email [email protected] for an exact priority courier quote.

I live in Canada, do you ship to me?
Imperial Airsoft caters to customers currently residing within Canadian borders. Because we ship through Canada Post, we can ship to rural residences and PO Boxes. If you live in Canada with a proper address, we can ship to you. If you live outside of Canada please make shipping arrangements by emailing [email protected].

Why is my Canada Post tracking number not working?
You must allow 36 hours to pass after receiving your tracking number, as it will not be active before these 36 hours has passed. If it has been well over 36 hours, email us at [email protected] and we will double check that you have the correct tracking number and will direct you with further instructions from there.

My tracking number says my order was successfully delivered, but I still have not received it?
Please email us all your order information and all details pertaining to the problems you are experiencing with Canada Post. We will direct you with further instructions from there.

I placed my order last week and it does not look like it has been shipped yet, what is going on?
If you have placed your order and have used your Debit as your payment through PayPal, it will need to go through a bit more extensive verifying process and will take longer to verify than other methods of payment. Please refer to Paypal to double check the payment verification times. If your payment was verified, and still looks like it had no movement please contact us and let us know. We will do our best to help you out.

What methods are available to pay by?
We currently accept PayPal, Interac E-Transfers (EMT).

Why is product on backorder or out of stock, when I made my purchase it shows in stock?
IA strives to continuality update our website reflecting in stock and out of stock product, however, due to the many skus offered and magnitude of manually updating, sometimes an update doesn’t take place before or on the day of the items becoming out of stock. When making a purchase IA will confirm your item is in stock and shipping or provide you with the option to accept a full refund, credit, or wait till the items(s) comes back in stock. Customers are encouraged to email [email protected] for product availability.

When is a product going to be back in stock?
Due to the nature of our supply chain, we at Imperial Airsoft have very little influence over shipping times and backordered products. For this reason, some key items may be out of stock for extended periods. Some products have expected dates of arrival for new stock. These dates are based on our suppliers' quotes. Unfortunately, sometimes shipping delays occur which will change the expected date of arrival. We try to keep these dates as accurate as possible; however, until the shipment is in Canada, we are unable to speed up the process in anyway.

Can you please give me more information on a product?
The product specifications posted on our site are based on confirmed and recorded information. We try to put on as much information as we have, however this sometimes will still not answer your inquiries. If you have further information, feel free to contact us.

Do you install upgrade parts?
Yes, we can install upgrade parts. Imperial Airsoft is not responsible for any damaged caused to your airsoft gun by any upgrade part.

What is the best way to contact Imperial Airsoft?
Part of the re-launching of Imperial Airsoft website is an attempt to better serve our customers. There are currently two ways to contact our staff: by email, or phone. We will do our best to respond to emails received between the hours of 1p.m. and 9p.m. MST, (Email - Monday - Friday), (Phone - Monday – Sunday) within 2 hours of receiving your email. The exception to these hours is Statutory and Civic holidays applicable in Alberta.

Is there any chance of my order from Imperial Airsoft getting seized, or confiscated?
We 100% guarantee that your order will not be confiscated or seized. Any product for sale on our site has already cleared Canadian Customs.

However, custom pre-orders from RedWolf Airsoft are at risk for delay or confiscation. If such an event takes place you will be reimbursed 100% of your deposit or full purchase.

How old do you have to be to buy/own an airsoft gun?
If you are under the age of 18, you require permission from a parent or guardian to purchase products online. If you do not have permission to buy products online on your own, a parent/guardian will need to purchase products for you.

While minors are not permitted to buy and own airsoft guns, the use of an airsoft gun by a minor must be supervised. Goggles or safety glasses must be worn at all times during play. Particular caution must be used when playing with all-black guns.

What do I do if I receive the wrong product?
If you receive the wrong product, DO NOT use it. You must contact us at [email protected] within 48 hours of receiving your order. Always ensure the product you receive is the correct product that you ordered from any online retailer, as these types of mistakes do happen.

For any additional FAQ’s we may have not included please feel free to email us at [email protected]

I've sent in a RedWollf qoute request and havent heard back, whats the status?
RedWolf quotes can take up to 7 business for a reply. Typically we have to gather information regarding the importation eligibility before replying back.

I havent received an email repsonse from IA yet, howcome?
Please bear with us, IA receives a great email of emails from valued customers and potential customers. We will reply back in the order it was received and do our best to do so as soon as possible.

I'm not satisfied with the customer service received, who can I speak with to get an issue resolved?
We're not satisfied unless you’re satisfied. For any reason you've had an unpleasant experience at any IA location, please email our Corporate Sales Director, Brennan Legge [email protected]